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Welcome to the linuxtv.org V4L-DVB Wiki !

This wiki is intended to become an authoritative source of information regarding the use of analog video and digital TV sources under Linux -- i.e. the subject matters covered under the V4L-DVB framework. The basic plan is to aggregate information about: available hardware; how v4l or dvb work; software used with the hardware and so forth. Like all other wikis, the V4L-DVB wiki relies upon the contributions of its users. Hence, it will only be as useful as we make it! So we encourage you to share your knowledge and help with the task of turning this site into a grand repository of knowledge. Your input (whether it be by providing a set of instructions for how to get a certain device working; a minor improvement to an existing article; or an explanation for some complex concept) will be highly appreciated.

-- The LinuxTV V4L-DVB wiki team / People behind V4L-DVB

News icon2.png GENERAL NEWS:

No News is Good News?
Its been a while since the last news post, but nothing in particular really jumps out as having occurred around here ... unless, of course, you count the general day by day activities such as: more new drivers, work on the utilities, some ongoing refinement of the build config, the creation of a tvtime development repo here on LinuxTV, changes to the patchwork system (see the main page), and etc., etc., etc.

Although this stands as short notice to the fact, please take note of the Media Subsystem Workshop being held Oct 23-25, happening in along side the 2011 Linux Kernel Summit (see the main page for more details). -- 02:21, 18 October 2011 (CEST)

Free at Last, Free at Last: A Final Fairwell to V4L1 ... And Just What the Heck is xf86-video-v4l Anyway ?
Upon release of the forthcoming 2.6.38 kernel, all but a very few vestiges of the antiquated V4L1 API will have been removed forever in favour of its successor, the V4L2 API (which, itself, now resides within the larger Linux Media Infrastructure API).

One of the more obvious ramifications of this significant change is ... cont'd here -- 03:43, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

For older news items see here

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How to install drivers for your hardware, and software to use with your device, ...
Technical background icon.png Technical Background
Technical details on standards and hardware components/chipsets, etc
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Information on hardware devices
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