libdvbv5  1.11.0
Library to work with Digital TV devices on Linux
dvb-dev.h File Reference

Provides interfaces to handle Digital TV devices. More...

#include "dvb-fe.h"
#include "dvb-scan.h"
#include <linux/dvb/dmx.h>
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Data Structures

struct  dvb_dev_list
 Digital TV device node properties. More...
struct  dvb_device
 Digital TV list of devices. More...


enum  dvb_dev_type {
 Type of a device entry to search. More...


struct dvb_devicedvb_dev_alloc (void)
 Allocate a struct dvb_device. More...
void dvb_dev_free (struct dvb_device *dvb)
 free a struct dvb_device More...
int dvb_dev_find (struct dvb_device *dvb, int enable_monitor)
 finds all DVB devices on the local machine More...
struct dvb_dev_listdvb_dev_seek_by_sysname (struct dvb_device *dvb, unsigned int adapter, unsigned int num, enum dvb_dev_type type)
 Find a device that matches the search criteria given by this functions's parameters. More...
void dvb_dev_stop_monitor (struct dvb_device *dvb)
 Stop the dvb_dev_find loop. More...
void dvb_dev_set_log (struct dvb_device *dvb, unsigned verbose, dvb_logfunc logfunc)
 Sets the DVB verbosity and log function. More...
struct dvb_open_descriptordvb_dev_open (struct dvb_device *dvb, char *sysname, int flags)
 Opens a dvb device. More...
void dvb_dev_close (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev)
 Closes a dvb device. More...
ssize_t dvb_dev_read (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, void *buf, size_t count)
 read from a dvb demux or dvr file More...
void dvb_dev_dmx_stop (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev)
 Stops the demux filter for a given file descriptor. More...
int dvb_dev_set_bufsize (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, int buffersize)
 Start a demux or dvr buffer size. More...
int dvb_dev_dmx_set_pesfilter (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, int pid, dmx_pes_type_t type, dmx_output_t output, int buffersize)
 Start a filter for a MPEG-TS Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) More...
int dvb_dev_dmx_set_section_filter (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, int pid, unsigned filtsize, unsigned char *filter, unsigned char *mask, unsigned char *mode, unsigned int flags)
 Sets a MPEG-TS section filter. More...
int dvb_dev_dmx_get_pmt_pid (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, int sid)
 read the contents of the MPEG-TS PAT table, seeking for an specific service ID More...
struct dvb_v5_descriptorsdvb_dev_scan (struct dvb_open_descriptor *open_dev, struct dvb_entry *entry, check_frontend_t *check_frontend, void *args, unsigned other_nit, unsigned timeout_multiply)
 Scans a DVB dvb_add_scaned_transponder. More...

Detailed Description

Provides interfaces to handle Digital TV devices.

Mauro Carvalho Chehab

Digital TV device node file names depend on udev configuration. For example, while frontends are typically found at/dev/dvb/adapter?/frontend?, the actual file name can vary from system to system, depending on the udev ruleset.

The libdvbv5 provides a set of functions to allow detecting and getting the device paths in a sane way, via libudev.

Bug Report
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Definition in file dvb-dev.h.

Function Documentation

struct dvb_dev_list* dvb_dev_seek_by_sysname ( struct dvb_device dvb,
unsigned int  adapter,
unsigned int  num,
enum dvb_dev_type  type 

Find a device that matches the search criteria given by this functions's parameters.

dvbpointer to struct dvb_device to be used
adapterAdapter number, as defined internally at the Kernel. Always start with 0;
numDigital TV device number (e. g. frontend0, net0, etc);
typeType of the device, as given by enum dvb_dev_type;
returns a pointer to a struct dvb_dev_list object or NULL if the desired device was not found.
dvb-fe-tool.c, dvbv5-scan.c, and dvbv5-zap.c.