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[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] proxyDVB

Hi all!

I want to announce new LinuxDVB compatible kernel module which is named
proxyDVB and 2 related applications. Initially it was written for
project but last modifications could make it interesting for common Linux

So what is it:
proxyDVB: it is kernel module which registers itself as regular DVB
adapter in system but does not implement any hardware specific features.
Everything it does - it just transfers all received IOCTL/data
to special handler application. For transfer of TS back to application
special device named push_channel is implemented.

proxyDVB_handler: it is application which connects to proxyDVB handler
using special mechanism and receives data that is passed to proxyDVB adaper.
Then that data is transfered to server application using TCP.
All data received from proxyDVB_server is passed back to proxyDVB module.

proxyDVB_server: it is application that receives data using TCP
from proxyDVB_handler and then passes that data to real DVB adapter.

What it is for:
1) You can use it as an alternative to other streaming solutions.
Most important is that you don't need to modify existing application.

2) You can use proxyDVB as dummy adapter for development on computers
without DVB hardware because it implements all DVBCard devices and
optionally can just ignore all API calls.

Known issue:
proxyDVB does not work corectly if 2 dvbstream instances are connected
to one proxyDVB adapter. Looks like something is wrong with semaphor code.
I have got an advice that it is better to make code public than to try to
hunt down the problem alone so I do it.

Special thanx: goes to Rantanen Teemu. He was a driving force
for proxyDVB_server creation and he's found few very stupid bugs.

If you are interested in, you can download source of metioned programs at:

With best wishes

PS: Please don't blame my coding style. This is my first Linux project.

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