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[vdr] Live TV freeze when recording starts normal?


I've seen this mentioned before many times by various people and I'm not sure what the status is.

Is the freeze of live TV when a recording starts (does not ALWAYS happen but certainly a majority of the time) an acknowledged problem or is it one that Klaus is not able to reproduce or identify the cause of?

Perhaps we should start compiling a list of configurations under which this happens?

The primary users of VDR in my household are my parents and I basically have to be the remote control. They find anything other than channel changing FAR too complicated. When the channel freezes (sometimes the image is a bit corrupted sometimes it just stops) they NEVER seem capable of remembering that simply switching to that channel again will fix the problem. Would it perhaps be possible to ad an option to auto change channel to the current channel immediately after a recording starts on another channel?

Michal Dobrzynski

P.S. On the topic of complexity of control is there any chance that the OSD (in terms of how it functions rather than how it looks) will become configurable? ie full control over which button does what in which screen.

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