2015-07-08   Media Controller workshop in Helsinki on July, 2015

As discussed on our IRC #v4l channel at Freenode, we'll be running a 3-day Media Controller workshop in Helsinki between July 29-31.

The main goal of this workshop is to fixup the problems with the Media Controller API to properly represent device nodes and the control tree, as this is a requirement for the Media Controller to be used by DVB, ALSA and radio devices.

This is an invitation-only event, as we want to be sure that we'll have there people that are actively working with the Media Controller, DVB and/or ALSA. So, if you think this is for you, please send us an e-mail.

Also, even if you're not able to participate, feel free to submit relevant topics related to the Media Controller, in order to help us to build the workshop's agenda and take other needs into account when working on the needed API changes.

As usual, we'll be using the ML for the specific discussions about that, so the ones interested on participate on such discussions and/or be present there are requested to subscribe it, and to submit themes of interest via the mailing lists.

For those interested on this theme, I'll add a list of the most relevant past discussions about this theme on this news.

Hope to see you there!

The DVB needs with regards to MC are mapped on those two blog entries:

We had two discussions about MC on our last mini-summit, back on March, 26. The discussions and slides can be found at:

A summary of the issues can also be seen on the emails below:

Patches that minimally expose DVB via MC were merged on Kernel 4.1, although it is currently marked as BROKEN, in order to tag those API extensions as likely to change on future versions.

The initial patchset proposal for ALSA support on MC is there at:

The most recent proposal for such fixup can be seen at:


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