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Author: Ralf Müller

With this plugin you can use an analogue Hauppauge PVR USB2 TV card with VDR. Theoretically (but untested..) the plugin should be able to control more than one of these cards.

Development of the plugin has stopped. The PVR USB2 can now be used with current versions of the pvrinput-plugin.


thumb|none|pvrusb2 setup dialog

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

  • vdr 1.3.xx - tested with vdr>=1.3.27
  • Kernel driver for PVR USB2 - see www.isely.net


  • choose in Setup Menu your Video Device
  • adapt brightness, saturation, hue, bitrate
  • via "blue key" switching to channel setup
  • old analogTV plugin channels will be avalaible if found
  • channel scan with red key
  • "Ok" for individual settings - Name and Frequency of the channel
  • Saving with "Ok"


  • sometimes stuttering while changing channel


[1] http://www.isely.net/downloads isely driver
[2] http://vdr.unetz.com/download/pvrusb2 Homepage
[3] channels.conf analogue channels.conf examples for analogue TV
[4] freqlist PAL-europe List of all pal-europe frequencies