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Antenna DTV

Antenna, is a free and open-source DVB-T (terrestrial digital tv) tuner for linux desktops. Antenna is a full featured tool to see "what's going on in the sky". It enables you to scan, watch and record television, radio and services broadcasted on air.

What about Antenna DTV?

Antenna DTV is intended to take over other tools such as Me TV, Kaffeine, Totem-DVB, with an approach more signal based, than TV itself focused. That's why one of the most notable feature (you'll see!) is that big signal strenght indicator with an innovative "quality level" as well!


   * Scan the sky for new services
   * Continuosly monitor signal status
   * Search through known channels and tune
   * Search and manage favorite channels
   * See what's on (i.e. listen to radios and watch tvs)
   * Record streams while watching
   * Read teletext


Installing Me TV

Antenna DTV is packaged for many distributions including:

  • Debian (main)
  • Ubuntu (universe)

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