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On this page you will find information regarding DVB-S2 PCI cards.

Please be aware that:
  • The information contained here is likely non-exhaustive and, despite best efforts to do otherwise, may contain errors. (Please help to keep these lists up-to-date so that they are useful for everyone!)
  • If your device is not listed, try:
    • searching the existing mailing list archives:
      • Linux-Media Mailing List (LMML) archives (via vger or .... )
      • or from the older mailing lists (now largely deprecated in favour of the LMML):
        • dvb mailing list archives (via spinics or MARC ... )
        • v4l mailing list archives (via .... )
    • searching for information with Google or other internet search engine
    • by posting a question about the device directly to the LMML (but please do conduct a search first, as it may already have been discussed!)
    • Note: when it comes to support, it is generally a good idea to try the current V4L-DVB sources because some device drivers can be very new and thus may have not made their way into the mainstream kernel.
In any regard, in respect to the above listed suggestions, you may find it to be the case that your device is actually already supported or that experimental support is available.
  • Because the component constitution on many devices are often similar or identical, there may be devices that are unlisted but may actually work with the existing driver framework for previously supported devices. In such a case, your non-listed but working device will likely be reported in your system messages as being one of those previously supported devices. If you encounter such an occurrence, please do report your success on the LMML so that proper detection/identification of your device can be added within the drivers.
  • Lastly, it bears worth repeating the request: Please help to keep these lists up-to-date so that they are useful for everyone!

Supported DVB-S2 PCI Cards

Native support by the Linux kernel

Support for DVB-S2 (HDTV) requires the API extensions which were released in kernel 2.6.28 ( S2API ), and up-to-date tuning and scanning programs (e.g. Kaffeine 0.8.8).

Support by thrird-parties drivers

Experimental support for several cards exists. "Experimental" means their open-source drivers have not been included into the Linux kernel yet.

Support for DVB-S2 generally requires the API extensions released in kernel 2.6.28 ( S2API ), or the obsolete Multiproto API.

Note: Do not let the "experimental" tag scare you, as the level of device functionality may actually be quite high. After additional testing and/or feature work, the drivers for these devices will make their way into the main branch of Hg and become candidates for inclusion into the Linux kernel. Please also consult the mailing archives for further information.

Currently Unsupported DVB-S2 PCI cards:

If you own one or more devices from the following list and you want to help with support development, please contact the Linux-Media Mailing List (LMML). Note that if your device is similar to or contains components for which driver development is currently being undertaken, then it is possible that you will pique the developers' interest and can obtain some assistance that, possibly, leads to full support for your device.

However, please note that inquiries to the mailing list:

  • Should NOT be treated as an order drop-off queue. You're soliciting help from volunteer developers who work on V4L-DVB matters in their spare time, and such work can be non-trivial (i.e. requiring even thousands of hours work). So being demanding is one sure route to being ignored. (Honestly, this point really shouldn't even need to be written, but you'd be surprised at the number of irrational individuals who write into the mailing list demanding this or that).
  • May pass without garnering a response—a distinct byproduct of the fact that there are a limited number of developers, whom might be able to help, that are associated with the project. Often times, even if they wished to help, their energies are entirely tied up with other projects. In such cases, the best path might be to try to spearhead the driver development for your device yourself, or hire someone who can.
  • Geniatech DVB-S2HD (PCI32, no CI support, Marketing Announcement, not on the consumer market yet, no windrivers available) ... Manufacturer claims Conexant Chipset ...
  • Typhoon DVB-S2 (PCI32, included(?) CI, Marketing Announcement, not on the consumer market yet, no windrivers available) ... STB0899 + STB6100(?) + Mantis KG1468 ...
  • SatStar 2 DVB-S2 (PCI32, no CI support) ... unsupportable Sharp (? Sharp has refused to deliver any programming information to LinuxTV developers, see devlist for dexatek, would require windriver reverse engineering and i2c dumps) frontend, unknown+unsupportable proprietary worlddvb.com(?) ASIC(?) PCI bridge ... BANNED manufacturer(?)/seller(?) from LinuxTV.org wiki for fake entry in the support list and promoting and even providing illegal PayTV solutions, see http://www.satstar2.com/download/index.asp ... windriver available ... Manufacturer(?)/seller(?) claims Linux(TM) and 8PSK support for PCI4002 silicon tuner version, but one-chip tuner+demod looks like at this time unsupportable Sharp type. Satstar2 dvb-s2 maybe http://www.worlddvb.com/product/htm/DVB-S2pci2004.htm (?)
  • ...