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Supported ID on
Hardware Firmware Comment / Pictures URL E
Delock 61959 should work with kernel >= 3.11 1b80:e1cc unknown unknown see vendor page [1]
Delock 61959 (Ver.2) experimental 1b80:d3b1 unknown unknown The Stick has (Ver.2) printed on the rear label. However, the box is unchanged to version 1 so you cannot evaluate which version you have without opening the box.


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| did=delock-61959
| vendor=[[Delock]]
| device= 61959
| standard=DVB-C, DVB-T
| supported=unknown
| pic=[[image:|120px]]
| url=
| hostinterface=USB2.0
| usbid=1b80:e1cc
| hw=unknown
| tuner=unknown
| demodulator=unknown
| usbbridge=unknown
| fw=unknown
| comment=“BDA 2875 TVTuner, BDA 2875 DVB-C Tuner” (Windows) or “USB 2875 Device” (Mac OS X)

Here are some images of the parts used in the incompatible version2:

The device is very similar to the Gotview MasterHD3 which is already supported in official linux kernel. Experimental changes to make dvb-c work can be found on patched files are Kconfig, rtl28xxu.h & rtl28xxu.c

Delock 61959 does NOT have "MasterHD3 GOTVIEW" signature on the front - that device is exactly similar, except it uses a SI2168 demod and is already fully supported in mainstream kernel

Delock 61959 Version 2
Delock 61959 Version 2
Delock 61959 Version 2
Delock 61959 Version 2