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An ATSC PCI card from pcHDTV.

The HD-3000 is well supported under Linux (added to kernel 2.6.12).


This was the second ATSC card brought to market by pcHDTV. It is no longer in production and has been superseded by pcHDTV's HD-5500.

Single RF input. The card supports ATSC, digital cable and NTSC. The card also has A/V inputs.

Components Used


The output of lspci -vn will reveal that the card has a subsystem PCI ID of 7063:3000.

Making it Work


This card requires a firmware file (dvb-fe-or51132-vsb.fw and/or dvb-fe-or51132-qam.fw) for the demodulator. You only need both if you wish to allow the driver access to both modes (8-VSB and 64/256-QAM) of operation (the driver will upload the appropriate firmware to the card as needed). These files can be obtained several different ways:

# cd /[kernel source directory]/scripts/
# perl get_dvb_firmware or5132_qam
# perl get_dvb_firmware or5132_vsb

Whatever method you choose (you'll get the same files regardless of the source), once the download is complete, place a copy of the firmware files in your /lib/firmware directory. (This directory may differ with some distros; consult your distro's documentation for the appropriate location).


Just use the in-kernel drivers (any kernel >2.6.12 should have the drivers included and thereby provide native support for the card), or compile your own by following the How to Obtain, Build and Install V4L-DVB Device Drivers instructions.

Sample kernel output

insert relevant output from dmesg here

Remote controll support

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