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An ATSC PCI card from pcHDTV.

The HD-5500 is supported under Linux (added to kernel 2.6.18).


This is the third, and most recent, product offering from pcHDTV.

The card's nomenclature falls slightly out of line from its earlier product offerings (the HD-2000 and HD-3000). It is quite possible that pcHDTV would have liked to have used "HD-5000", but ended going with HD-5500 due to the fact that BBTI/TechniSat had already released a card to market bearing a "HD5000" moniker. Undoubtedly, in using "HD5000", BBTI/TechniSat was in part capitalizing on the prevalent marketing hype for the "LG 5th Gen" demodulator. Nonetheless, its interesting that BBTI choose a nomenclature that is also quite similar to competitor pcHDTV's conventions.

The main difference to previous models is that the HD-5500 does not have composite input and audio out ports. Also the HD-5500 works more out-of-the-box; with the HD-3000 model there was an additional step of copying firmware file to a firmware directory while installing. This saves time while installing and loading the file.

Components Used

  • Conexant CX2388x (a/v decoder & PCI bridge)


The output of lspci -vn will reveal that the card has a subsystem PCI ID of 7063:5500.

Making it Work


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