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*** [[Enigma on the Dreambox]]
*** [[Enigma on the Dreambox]]
* '''[[Use cases]]'''
* '''[[Use cases]]''': a list of working solutions ordered per country and broadcaster
* '''[[FAQ]]'''
* '''[[FAQ]]'''

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Welcome to the linuxtv.org DVB Wiki! (For v4l wiki, click here)

This Wiki is intended to become the ultimate resource regarding all questions about Video, TV and DVB support on Linux, free DVB software and cool projects.

Like every other Wiki it relies on the contributions of its users. Also this Wiki can only get as good as you and we mean: YOU!!! make it.

Whatever you can contribute will be highly appreciated, no matter if it's a HOWTO, help and explanations how to write a driver, how to install some a driver or whether you can explain how that beast called DVB is working.

have fun, enjoy -- The LinuxTV WikiTeam

The basic plan is to collect facts about available hardware, linux-dvb experiences, HOWTOs, encyclopedia-like information and explanations about how DVB, MPEG-2 and MHP work, what an EPG is and so on, to make this a place useful for everybody who is doing anything related to analog or digital TV. Save and share knowledge.

  • Use cases: a list of working solutions ordered per country and broadcaster